16th Century Pochette (Kit Fiddle) Page is Up

It’s taken much too long, but I have finally posted a page for the 16th Century Pochette.  It’s located under the Projects section.  Enjoy!!!




New Project – 13th Century Plucked Psaltery

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve updated…

Thanks to the long weekend, I have finally posted the documentation for my 13th Century Plucked Psaltery.  You can find it under my Projects pages, or go directly there with this link:


Hopefully it will not be so long before I update again.

New Project – Soprano Rebec

Now that warmer weather has finally decided to stay around for a while, I can once again venture outside and begin another project.  This time, I’m starting from scratch – i.e. I am starting from a log of wood and going forward.  The goal is to end up with a soprano rebec.  Wish me luck!


KASF Documentation added to Tromba Marina page

I have added a link to a PDF of my KASF documentation at the end of the Tromba Marina page .

The PDF can also be found here:

Tromba Marina Documentation


Tromba Marina is finished!!!

I have completed the tromba marina, and it even sounds like it is supposed to!  Hurrah!!!  Please check out the updated Tromba Marina page under “Projects”.


Tromba Marina page updated

I’ve updated the Tromba Marina project page, including some pics of the original I am using as my inspiration, and my progress on the neck/pegbox.


Tromba Marina page started

Hi, everyone!

I’ve started a new page for my latest A&S project – a mid-16th C. tromba marina.  Check it out!